How to Match Your Soccer Shoe to Field Type

In any sport, you need to have the right pair of shoes in order to play properly. Now, the thing about soccer is that there are different fields that you may play in. There are the muddy fields, there are the fields made of natural grass, the artificial turfs, and indoor fields. Each of these fields requires different types of shoes. Here’s a soccer cleats review that will help you pick out the right shoes for the right type of field.

Muddy Field

Muddy fields are fields that have been rained on. So, when you’re faced with a field that’s wet and sticky, you wouldn’t want flat footed cleats. Otherwise, you’d slip and fall down. The best pair of shoes for these kinds of fields would be soft ground boots with 6 studded designs and very strong ground grip. Take note that you should only use them for muddy fields and not for any other type of field, this type of shoes are used mostly in Italy.

Natural Grass

Natural grass is the usual type of field that you would play in. It’s made out of very firm and freshly cut grass. Assuming that there are no patches on the grass, you’re going to be left with an extremely smooth playing field wherein you can kick the ball and roll it around pretty easily. For these kinds of fields, you can use FG boots that have some studs or blades. You may prefer use a light shoe, you can read this guide about lightest soccer cleats. The great thing about these types of boots is that they can be used in various other grassy surfaces as well such as the artificial turf or muddy field.

Artificial Turfs

While nothing really beats natural grass, artificial turfs are also very common. They’re quite similar to natural grass, so you can use the same boots that you use for the natural grass. You can go for the AG collection of Nike because these have less blades and won’t get stuck in the surface.

Indoor Field

The last type of field would be the indoor field, which is usually played on by the futsal players. For these types fields, you have to use indoor shoes. The regular indoor cleats are best for these types of fields because they are anti-slip, and they are also slick enough to help you run speedily on the field. Probably the best type of indoor field shoes are the Nike Gato or the Adidas Top Sala. It’s up to you to choose which indoor field shoes you feel most comfortable with.

To Sum Up

As you can see, you can’t use the same pair of shoes for all fields. Each type of field has its own respective texture which is why you need the respective pair of shoes to help you adapt. For muddy and wet fields, you need to have shoes that have tight grip and anti-slip features. For natural and artificial turfs, you need shoes that can grip grass and earth. For the indoor fields, you’ll need regular shoes that can grip on the smooth ground.


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